The customer buys at least one machine (no limited number) and signs an agreement renting the machine(s) to CasaGroup.

The annual rent is paid in advance, five business days after the acquisition of the Vending Machine(s) and respective renewals.

This agreement has minimum term of 12 months, may vary according to the number of machines.

Automatically renewable for an equal period and at each renewal the owner earns a 3% bonus.

If you choose not to renew, CasaGroup repurchases the machine as set in a previously formalized agreement.



  1. What is Vending Machine Rental?
    - It's when you buy a Vending Machine and rent for CasaGroup.


  2. How long does the contract term last?
    - The contract lasts one year but, is automatically renewable. With each contract renewal, you receive a bonus of  3%.


  3. How long will I have the return on the investment?
    - Vending Machine Rental is not a payback investment but a cashback investment, that is, before renewing the contract you can request the repurchase of the machine to CasaGroup. Only a depreciation corresponding to 3% per year will be discounted.


  4. Can I choose which products to fill up the Machine?
    - No, the entire operation of the Vending Machines is managed by CasaGroup.


  5. Am I entitled to a Green Card by investing in Vending Machine Rental?
    - Yes, you can start your immigration process through Vending Machine Rental and then move on to the Franchise operation.


  6. Who will operate the Machines?
    - CasaGroup does all the operation of the Machine (s).


  7. Do I need to start a company in the USA?
    - No. You can buy as an individual from anywhere in the world.


  8. I do not live in the USA, how do I purchase?
    - If you have an account in the USA you can pay the invoice via wire transfer (common transfer) or Zelle (bank app). If you do not have a US account, you can make a transfer by remittance, TransferWise, foreign exchange broker, or bank.


  9. How do I receive my Vending Machine Rental?
    - You can receive your Vending Machine Rental wherever you live or if you open an account in the USA, you can receive it here too.


  10. What is my investment risk?
    - Minimum, the Machine is yours and you have a guaranteed repurchase of the Machine under the state of Florida law.


  11. If the Machine breaks or malfunctions, what happens?
    - CasaGroup has insurance that covers all machines in the field, this insurance covers any necessary repairs. In addition, all necessary maintenance is carried out by CasaGroup.


  12. How can I evolve this investment in the future?
    - The evolution of Vending Machine Rental has two paths, buying more Machines guaranteeing an interesting fixed rental or performing for Franchises.